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South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae Young confirmed Monday that gunpowder residue of RDX, a chemical ingredient for torpedoes, has been found in the wreckage of a South Korean warship that went down in late March in the Yellow Sea.
There was also gunpowder residue on her hands, an indication she had fired a weapon.
Nashville's assistant medical examiner says gunpowder residue was found on the hands of Sahel Kazemi, the mistress of Steve McNair  who was found dead alongside the slain former NFL star, according to the Associated Press.
She was shot once and Aaron said police are still waiting for ballistic and gunpowder residue tests before deciding if she was slain or committed suicide.
The single speck of gunpowder residue found in the pocket of his coat was ruled inadmissable in court - and with only one witness to say they had seen Barry in Jill's road that day, there was simply not enough evidence for the jury to decide he was guilty.
There was a tiny speck of gunpowder residue found inside his jacket pocket, but it emerged the coat was photographed in a police room which stored guns before being examined in the lab.
Dozens of chemicals could trigger the scanners, including nitroglycerin taken by heart patients, fertilizer, and gunpowder residue.
Today the court heard that swabs taken from Mr Falconio's Kombi camper van three years ago to test for gunpowder residue had still not been processed.
Apart from the gunpowder residue found in his coat pocket - a bit of a clue - there was other compelling evidence to show George pulled the trigger.
The one speck of forensic evidence was a particle of gunpowder residue unearthed by 50 detectives only after his coat had been taken to a photographer's studio previously used for taking snaps of firearms.
Buy barrel brushes ($5) from your PAT tool distributor and clean the gunpowder residue out of the inner working parts.