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G&AGeneral & Administrative (expense)
G&AGuns and Ammo (trade magazine)
G&AGeneral and Administrative
G&AGrief and Aggravation
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Even with the most accurate guns and ammo, I can't hit the side of the proverbial barn, so a better shooter could shoot smaller groups than these, but the new rifle shot great by my standards.
Because of fear of then-upcoming government regulations (that never came to pass), the general public bought more guns and ammo in less time than ever before.
I know Bob and he takes their responsibility very seriously, continuing to hire the best people they can find, and to demand, simply put, the highest level of craftsmanship possible on their guns and ammo.
The ammo and firearms manufacturers will be producing more guns and ammo than ever before--even while you sleep.
I was stationed at Hahn Air Base Germany from 1966 to 1969 and worked weekends selling guns and ammo at the base rod and gun club.
The fact that proprietors of gun shops are often inclined to be armed while at work was driven home to three teenagers when they attempted to rob Alaskan Guns and Ammo in Fairbanks on February 8.
This would provide a strong incentive for gun owners to lock up their guns and ammo so that they won't be stolen, which would cut down on the household accidents that cause so many gun deaths.
Your customers come to your gun shop for more than guns and ammo. A major reason they frequent your store is the knowledge and advice you and your staff provide.
This caused a terrific run on guns and ammo by people who believed the NRA in good faith, and it turns out to be total bunk.
The main focus in the buying chaos has been on guns and ammo, but there are lots of other products to sell customers.