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The 3.5" Guppie revolves around a crescent wrench as it's main feature, with a host of interesting functions thrown in.
In some circles, those supporting gay marriage are dismissed as guppies (the gay equivalent of yuppies).
Finally, identify how these exotic species (as in this case, the guppies) are being introduced, where do they come, where they live, that trophic position they occupy and how they behave in the environment are main points for understanding the process of introduction/invasion and can assist in making informed decisions to prevent that new accidental introductions happen in the future.
We hear that the price of something rose by 50 per cent and then fell by 50 per cent, and we reflexively, mistakenly conclude, "Oh good, we're back to where we started." Our natural number sense adds and subtracts whole numbers, whole chucks, guppies and hyenas.
They found that guppies fine-tune these genes in each location, enabling them to adapt and survive in many different and extreme environments.
Gorgeous little guppies have one big claim to fame.
Heated tanks hold exotic varieties including guppies, angelfish and neon tetras - while cold-water versions have also been installed for goldfish, zebrafish and barbs.
By putting guppies in stressful situations and seeing the individuals' reactions, the researchers concluded that fish personalities cannot be thought to exist only along a simple spectrum; instead, they have complex personalities.
He can't, of course, tell his angelfish or his guppies to choose, say, the larger array of dots. On Norwegian Escape, NCL's newest ship, childcare programme Guppies for kids of six months to three is complimentary.