GURDGenitourinary or Renal Disease
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Table 1 outlines the Gurd and Wilson criteria for diagnosis of fat embolism [13].
Gurd, "Fat embolism: an aid to diagnosis," The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (British Volume), vol.
Bunlarin yani sira yapilan calismalarda performansi yonetici, hasta, tedarikci, hastane calisani gibi farkli paydas gruplarinin degerlendirmelerine dayanarak karsilastirmali olarak incelemek gerektigi vurgulanmaktadir (Gurd & Gao, 2008).
This self-regulating economy of revised and dedicated texts also had salutary effects for the larger aristocratic community since it helped to foster and maintain cohesion and solidarity within this social group by facilitating a network of bonds among its members (Stroup 2010, 117-67; Gurd 2012, 74-6).
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Landmark work of Gurd and Wilson (3, 11) provided diagnostic criteria for fat embolism syndrome, which has been subsequently modified (7, 8) and applied to our patient.
Accompanied by all 24 Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs belonging to his party, the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), Patnaik met the Prime Minister for the first time after the change of gurd at the Centre.
Gurd Ubhi; Spencer Turner; Sarah Turner; Diane Elsworth.
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However, results of studies conducted in the United States suggest that poor performances in phonemic tasks provide the best evidence to diagnose these disorders (Allen et al., 1993; Gurd, Ward, & Hodges, 1990; Solomon et al., 1998).
She also paid tribute to his carers Gurd, Karen and Pav.
Messi enjoyed a 12 months littered with individual feats, not least becoming Barcelona's record goal scorer and surpassing Gurd Muller as the highest scorer in a calendar year, eventually finishing with 91.