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EDCUGustrow (airport code; Germany)
EDCUExtensible Data Collection Unit (data collection hardware)
EDCUEconomic Development Corp of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT)
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When in 1695 the Gustrow branch died out in the male line, Frederick William, the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, claimed all its territories for himself.
Helga and her mother fled their home in Gustrow, Germany when Hitler rose to power.
The first cluster contained S segment sequences from district Gustrow (trapping sites Pe1 and Pe3), Luneburg (trapping site WG), Nordvorpommern (trapping site H), and the previously published DOBV sequence from an HFRS patient from northern Germany (H169; [8]; Figure 2, panel A).
Drawing upon unpublished materials at the Ernst Barlach Stiftung in Gustrow, Germany, this work serves both as a fitting tribute to Barlach, the man and the artist, and as a welcome complement to Paret's previous publications on German attitudes toward modernism in art, which began with his path-breaking monograph,The Berlin Secession (London, 1980), and continued with a collection of essays, German Encounters with Modernism, 1840-1945 (New York, 2001).
Here one of the very rare errors has crept in: if we are given the details of the reprint of this Rostock dissertation as a Programmschrift issued (1882), at Easter as usual, by the Gustrow Realschule, we should not be misled into believing that there is some printer or publisher at a place called Ostern.
"There were some big names at Gustrow and he again proved that, when his bikes are set up right, he has the beating of almost anyone.
Lambert had warmed up for his excellent show by finishing third in a big individual meeting at Gustrow in Germany on Saturday when he also scored 13 points, and flew back to make his Diamonds' debut.
The German Speedway ruling bosses have changed their racing representative with Christian Hefenbrock being replaced in the field by Marcel Helfer, another very young man of mystery to most UK fans, riding for MC Gustrow.