GUTAGhana Union Traders Association (professional organization)
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Guta, the police spokesman, denied the allegations.
Senthilkumar Subramanian for the characterization support, and Guta Amanu for his assistance in the laboratory.
El numero de muertos civiles desplazados por las guerras y en particular por los combates en el territorio de Guta Oriental han llegado al parecer a su apocaliptico final con ayuda ultima de Iran, Rusia y las milicias de Hamas.
Conforme Monea e Guta (2011) os indices amplamente aceitos para analisar uma empresa quanto ao seu desempenho economico sao aqueles relacionados a rentabilidade, que analisam a capacidade de uma empresa de obter lucro.
Baker, the director of Akron's Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, said two of the uncovered songs were sung by a woman named Guta Frank, who had survived several ghettos in Poland and forced-labor work.
The actual boundaries will be determined at the next Astana talks; but in principle these regions are expected to be established in Idlib province, north of Humus, east Guta and south of Syria.
En agosto del 2013, el regimen sirio lanzo un ataque usando armas quimicas contra la poblacion de Guta, dejando un saldo de 282 personas muertas y mas de 3 mil heridas.
Tigist Girma Getachew placed first at 2:32:48, Saeda Kedir Adilo followed second at 2:34:12 and Alemenesh Herpha Guta finished third at 2:37:23.
With the collapse of the group two years ago, creditors -- many of whom are represented by Cypriot banks as well as international investors -- were left looking for ways to salvage what was possible from the orchestrated fraud of the company's foundersIvan and Klavdiya Guta.
Mason, and Guta et al, in particular, clearly demonstrate how the intersection between surveillance and trans* and queer sexualities solidifies at points of societal crisis: the HIV epidemic, national security concerns, murder and the resulting media frenzy.