GYLCGlobal Young Leaders Conference
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As part of her attendance at the GYLC, Ameenah will interact with journalists and lobbyists in New York and Washington, in addition to attending nine sessions held by fellow students.
Indian Nabila Zohra Sharieff, Grade 12 student of The Indian School Bahrain in Isa Town, will be one of the delegates representing Bahrain at GYLC.
The press release from the GYLC declares: "Reid will interact with key leaders and newsmakers with powerful inflence over politics, finance, culture and diplomacy, and will take part in a carefully designed curriculum, which includes thought-provoking simulations to build leadership skills.
The Global Young Leaders Conference aims to provide scholars with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers from around the world in resolving global conflicts," said Dr Marguerite C Regan, Dean of Academic Affairs for the Congressional Youth Leadership Council (CYLC), the organisation that sponsors GYLC.
During the conference, GYLC scholars will visit international embassies and get in touch with a United Nations speaker.
During the GYLC programme, the students will be inspired to recognize their leadership skills, measure their skills against those of current and former leaders and return home with new confidence in their ability to exercise positive influence within their communities.
ISG has been sending students to participate at the GYLC since
Moreover the students of ISG have won the appreciation of the organisers with each student finding a place in the GYLC Alumni List,a€™ said Amar Srivastava, the teacher in charge.
It was not so long ago that another student of ISG, Sai Prateek Narayan attended the GYLC in 2008.