H-2Histamine-2 Receptor
H-2Hsr Chromosome 2
H-2Histocompatibility-2 Antigen
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According to the report concerning the H-2 rocket crash, the engine of the No.
The H-2 rocket, carrying a multipurpose satellite owned by the Japanese government, crashed soon after takeoff Nov.
But Congress has not repealed the law, making it possible that it will revisit H-2 filing requirements again this year.
NASDA submitted a plan on cancellation and postponement to the Space Activities Commission, an advisory panel to the prime minister, giving up the H-2 project which has cost some 16 billion yen including the budget for this fiscal year.
Parts of the H-2 rocket, whose production is 80 to 90% complete, will be transferred to H-2A rockets, or used to probe the cause of the rocket crash on Nov.
8 H-2 rocket crashed into the Pacific Ocean shortly after takeoff due to failure of its main engine.
NASDA also said it may review H-2A rocket projects depending on the result of investigations into the H-2 rocket crash.
The commission will discuss NASDA's plan, which would mean wasting a large amount of money used for H-2 development, next week.
1 H-2A rocket carrying a data relay technology mission satellite of the European Space Agency is equipped with an improved LE-7 engine, which halted during the failed H-2 rocket launch.
for the subseries H-2 bonds; Morgan Stanley & Co.
Subseries H-2, H-3, H-5, H-8 bonds will bear interest at an initial rate until March 16, 2004, and thereafter will bear interest in the weekly rate mode.
The stated expiration date for the subseries G-2 and H-2 LOC is January 1, 2006, and the stated expiration date for the subseries G-3 LOC is Jan.