H-2Histamine-2 Receptor
H-2Hsr Chromosome 2
H-2Histocompatibility-2 Antigen
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According to the report concerning the H-2 rocket crash, the engine of the No.
The H-2 rocket, carrying a multipurpose satellite owned by the Japanese government, crashed soon after takeoff Nov.
The HCFA does not have the resources needed to implement the data bank for the administration of the new H-2 form.
But Congress has not repealed the law, making it possible that it will revisit H-2 filing requirements again this year.
Whereas regular antacids neutralize stomach acid after it is produced, H-2 blockers prevent cells from secreting it in the first place.
In the early part of this decade predictions were that sales of O-T-C H-2 blockers would fuel an annual growth rate in the category of 9% to 10% well intothe mid-1990s.
The space agency also plans to postpone the first launch of the H-2A rocket, an advanced type of the H-2, scheduled to take place by the end of March 2000, until late next fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2001, the officials said.
Nevertheless, makers of H-2 blockers, including SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals and Merck & Co.
H-2 blockers are the basis for prescription antiulcer drugs that are among the best-selling of all prescription medications.
Packaged Facts president David Weiss predicts that products with H-2 blockers will soon be available over the counter.