H-3Histone Class 3 (antibody)
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A Bishop Museum archaeologist declared that the H-3 process saved these priceless sites from private developments.
HDOT was concerned that "surprise shocks" to workers on H-3 might result in a fall or other accident.
Hoomaluhia Park on the windward (east) side of the Koolau Mountains was developed in conjunction with the H-3 alignment.
Department of Transportation Act to stop the construction of H-3.
District Court dismissed all injunctions against the construction of H-3.
Unfortunately, the best alignment of H-3 routed it through the middle of the state's animal quarantine station.
The real showcases of H-3 are the North Halawa and Windward Viaducts and the connecting mile-long Trans-Koolau Tunnel.
H-3 passes through the majestic Koolau Mountains via the mile-long Trans-Koolau twin tunnels.
A joint venture of contractors, called H-3 Tunnelers, began tunneling from the Halawa side in January 1991 for a contract price of $89 million.
It is the "brain" of the H-3 tunnel operations, housing the computer equipment, variable message sign controls, emergency generator, closed circuit television equipment, fire and intrusion alarms, carbon monoxide monitoring system, and AM/FM rebroadcast system.
H-3 required a great deal of time, money, and political support, but the highland highway is almost a reality.
Interstate Route H-3 Trans-Koolau Tunnels Facilities Study Report," October 1984.