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We are eager to partner with H-D and its tremendous financial, operational and business development resources that can help us take Sungear to new heights for our customers.
Tom Hicks, founder of Hicks Equity Partners added, "We are excited to further expand the capabilities of the H-D platform in the attractive aerospace industry and look forward to supporting Sungear as it continues to grow in the future.
There is certainly an emphasis on making H-D riders feel the museum is their space.
SCENIC: The sun sets on another day along Lake Michigan's shores SPEEDY EXIT: Chicago makes a great base for your H-D road trip PIONEERING: You'll find a bike from each year of production, right back to 1903 EARLY DAY-VIDSON: H-D's Serial Number One takes pride of place in the museum VROOM WITH A PHEW: The interactive engine room will appeal to all ages THE WILD ONE: Fraser does his best Marlon Brando impression astride an H-D BEST OF THE MID-WEST: Milwaukee by night; the city on the shores of Lake Michigan, and one of the main arteries into town.
It's unmistakably Harley in its ride, which H-D enthusiasts will love but won't be enough to convert the unconverted.
It seems H-D owners like their bikes to look and feel the way they did during World War II.
The overhaul began last year when H-D ditched the old carburettors that had been propelling Harley engines for 103 years, in favour of fuel injection.
Seventeen per cent more torque from the new engine certainly adds beef to the Fat Boy, and it feels much smoother too - although the engineers have ensured it retains that unique H-D sensation.
said demand exceeds production, enabling H-D to virtually have no debt.
H-D also began construction on their two largest capital projects, announced earlier in 2000.
Hicks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hicks Equity Partners, said, "The formation of H-D Advanced Manufacturing, with Overton as its foundation, provides an excellent opportunity to create value in the high-precision manufacturing sector.
H-D took us to a private road in the F1 Williams' grounds to try the ABS system out.