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H-D will seek to extend Precision Aero's products and technology into other aircraft components and industrial end-markets such as commercial trucks.
It is this idea about the camaraderie of being a H-D owner and rider that comes across from all the exhibits .
H-D have finally woken up to the fact the best way to get a bike handling is to keep it light.
It's unmistakably Harley in its ride, which H-D enthusiasts will love but won't be enough to convert the unconverted.
As much as the fresh design is appreciated, folks will buy the Silverado H-D for one thing--grunt work.
It seems H-D owners like their bikes to look and feel the way they did during World War II.
Seventeen per cent more torque from the new engine certainly adds beef to the Fat Boy, and it feels much smoother too - although the engineers have ensured it retains that unique H-D sensation.
The addition of radial bearings to the H-D product portfolio is expected to complement the existing thrust bearings currently offered by iMECH, H-D said.
This marks the fifth purchase made by H-D since its creation in December 2012, according to the press release.
H-D took us to a private road in the F1 Williams' grounds to try the ABS system out.