H-EHaseman and Elston Method (genetics)
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H-E leverages proprietary data, algorithms, and technology to provide over 150 university partners with unparalleled, cost-effective access to successful students at every step of the student journey.
H-E Parts reported the proven ProTech wear liner range, combined with in-house engineering, service support and proprietary software, will provide a long-term minerals processing solution for Roy Hill.
Caption: H-E Parts chute liners will be deployed to the Roy Hill mine.
The paucity of H-E information is at odds with the National Science Education Standards developed by the NAS, says Bora Simmons, director of the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education of the North American Association of Environmental Educators.
Kastens and Turrin did find H-E information in standards for other disciplines including health, geography, and consumer studies.
Michael Coffey, chief operating officer, Americas, for H-E Parts, said, "Our customers have been asking H-E Parts for diesel remanufacturing services for years.