H-GACHouston-Galveston Area Council
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We are very excited to announce our availability on the H-GAC contract, and look forward to working closely with its valued members in Texas and across the country.
The contract with H-GAC is a significant milestone for Iron Sky as it allows us to extend our solutions to a larger number of local government clients," stated Keith Drummond, Iron Sky President & CEO.
Positron's focus on leading edge technology coupled with unmatched service enables customers like H-GAC to have a 'single point of contact' which sets new standards in the industry.
The H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program has been serving local governments for more than 30 years-beginning in 1973.
The program was established pursuant to the Texas' "Interlocal Cooperation Act" that allows governmental and qualifying non-profit entities to purchase of high ticket, capital-intensive products and services that require technical, detailed specifications to evaluate bid and proposal responses No product or service is offered by H-GAC that has not been subjected to either a competitive bid or competitive proposal process.
For more information about Nextel's participation in the H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program, please send inquiries to hgac@nextel.
The company was awarded the contract for bid number SEO2-01 on May 21, 2002 by the H-GAC Board of Directors, Greg Boerner of POSone, View System's Houston manufacturer's representative worked diligently to satisfy the stringent requirements needed to meet the competitive requirements.
The H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing program helps more than 1,100 local governments purchase more than $150 million annually in products such as fire apparatus, cars and light trucks, radios, earth moving equipment, heavy trucks and related service bodies.
Under the agreement with H-GAC, Bank of America will provide payment and other financial services as well as related support services.
H-GAC and Consultant should have monthly tele-conferences, and the frequency of teleconferences could be adjusted upon bilateral agreement.
Local elected officials organized H-GAC in 1966 after authorization by State enabling legislation.
H-GAC is seeking qualifications from firms to provide a broad range of community planning services and related services for local governments (End Users).