H-BHexadecimal to Binary
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I find H-B correct, Chambers incorrect, in the following (I give page and line number and disregard the italicization of letters to indicate the expansion of abbreviations): proffitt not profitt (106/15); if not yf (106/27); sufficientle not sufficientlie (106/29); & not and (107/27, 41; 108/11, 14); yssueinge not yssueing (107/32); issueinge not issueing (107/33); sated not said (107/39; 108/1); ffourth not fourth (107/40); such omitted by Chambers (108/2); issueinge not yssueing (108/3); household not householde (108/8); herevnto not hereunto (108/15).
Conversely, I find Chambers correct and H-B incorrect in the following: Willelmj not Willelmij (105/1); Welliam not William (or, if William, then in need of a note: 106/38); ffellowes not fellows (107/12); & omitted by H-B (108/2).
Most of the differences between H-B and Chambers are trivial.