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H-hourSeaborne Assault Landing Hour (US DoD)
H-hourspecific time an operation or exercise begins (US DoD)
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Ninety seconds after H-hour, an AC-130H gunship appeared over Rio Hato.
On December 19, Gen Stiner moved up H-hour by fifteen minutes, making it 0045 on December 20 (p.
d] is the proportion of h-hour intervals without rain and [n.
The analytical expression of the Bartlett-Lewis rectangular pulse model that defines the average precipitation value in an h-hour interval is given by
But to his dismay, it was still long before H-Hour when the enemy fled in strength.
In addition, a short period of daylight before H-hour would assist in the orderly deployment of landing craft and make the covering coastal bombardment more accurate.
At least 30,000 allied airmen were in action, flying more than 13,000 sorties and dropping between 15,000 and 20,000 tons of bombs in the 24 hours up to H-hour and the landings.