H12Human Adenovirus Type 12 (microbiology)
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Using ROC curve analysis, the 'optimal' threshold of MBP associated with survival was 64 mm Hg (AUC=0.85) at H6, 71 mm Hg (AUC=0.79) at H12, 70 mm Hg (AUC=0.75) at H18 and 65 mm Hg (AUC=0.84) at H24.
Isolate H21 was typed as serovar I, leaving only 2 strains (H12 and H24) not typed of the 73 tested.
class="MsoNormalCLEVERLY FASHIONED class="MsoNormalDelta Dunes forms part of the H12 Art of Life' global collection of art and lifestyle hotels'.
On the other hand, seven research hypotheses that consisted of H1, H5, H6, H7, H8 H10 and H12 were rejected.
[sup.1]H NMR (400 MHz, DMSO-[d.sub.6], 298 K) [delta] = 7.36 (m, 4H, H6 y H10), 7.54 (t, 2H, H11), 7.91 (d, 2H, H9), 7.99 (d, 2H, H7), 8.46 (d, 2H, H12).
Results displayed in Table 6 indicated that indirect effect for H11, H12, and H13 were supported.
H12. Os alunos que investem mais tempo no seu estudo utilizam menos a violencia fisica como tatica de resolucao de conflitos.
H12. Supportive leadership style develops direct causal effect on the outcome variable of job satisfaction.