H12Human Adenovirus Type 12 (microbiology)
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Using ROC curve analysis, the 'optimal' threshold of MBP associated with survival was 64 mm Hg (AUC=0.85) at H6, 71 mm Hg (AUC=0.79) at H12, 70 mm Hg (AUC=0.75) at H18 and 65 mm Hg (AUC=0.84) at H24.
Isolate H21 was typed as serovar I, leaving only 2 strains (H12 and H24) not typed of the 73 tested.
class="MsoNormalCLEVERLY FASHIONED class="MsoNormalDelta Dunes forms part of the H12 Art of Life' global collection of art and lifestyle hotels'.
[sup.1]H-NMR (DMSO-[d.sub.6], 400 MHz): [[delta].sub.H] 7.42 (d, J = 8.7 Hz, 2H, H14), 7.51 (td, J = 7.5 Hz, 0.9 Hz, 1H, H5), 7.60 (t, J = 7.4 Hz, 1H, H6), 7.63 (d, J = 8.7 Hz, 2H, H15), 7.87 (dd, J = 8.1 Hz, 1.2 Hz, 1H, H7), 8.38 (d, J = 7.7 Hz, 1H, H4), 8.92 (s, 1H, H9), 10.13 (s, 1H, H12), 12.06 (s, 1H, H10), 13.33 (s, 1H, H1).
On the other hand, seven research hypotheses that consisted of H1, H5, H6, H7, H8 H10 and H12 were rejected.
[sup.1]H NMR (400 MHz, DMSO-[d.sub.6], 298 K) [delta] = 7.36 (m, 4H, H6 y H10), 7.54 (t, 2H, H11), 7.91 (d, 2H, H9), 7.99 (d, 2H, H7), 8.46 (d, 2H, H12).
yo quisiera estar con personas de mi edad, de pronto ellos <<la familia me visiten cuando tengan tiempo>> (H12).
Results displayed in Table 6 indicated that indirect effect for H11, H12, and H13 were supported.
H12. Os alunos que investem mais tempo no seu estudo utilizam menos a violencia fisica como tatica de resolucao de conflitos.
H12. Supportive leadership style develops direct causal effect on the outcome variable of job satisfaction.