H1AH1 (Histamine-1) Receptor Antagonist
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Corruption perceived Index has negative and significant relationship with short term leverage therefore, hypothesis H1a is accepted.
Table I Reliability Scores, Convergent, and Discriminant Validity of the Constructs Latent Variable Cronbach's Alpha Composite Average Variance Reliability Extracted (CR) (AVE) Function .693 0.852 .324 Reliability .785 0.702 .569 Privacy .784 0.797 .562 Satisfaction .851 0.793 .537 Latent Variable Maximum Average Shared Squared Variance Variance (ASV) (MSV) Function .278 .202 Reliability .295 .210 Privacy .058 .048 Satisfaction .295 .202 Source: Author's Own Work Table II Results of Hypotheses Developed for the Study Hypotheses Estimates Estimates Estimates (Females) (Males) (Overall) H1a. There is a .408 *** .347 ** .353 *** significant variation in the reliability and customer satisfaction between males and females.
Only H1a and H2a were not confirmed, indicating that no relationships were found between the personality trait self-efficacy (AUF) and the push motives search for authenticity and freedom (EUAUT) and search for self-knowledge and personal development (AUT).
In order to test hypotheses H1a and H1b, a multiple regression was performed (even though difficulties were found when trying to meet all the assumptions for the use of the technique), with the variables of focus on promotion and prevention for the cognitive process and also for the affective process.
As shown in Table 4, the use of verbal immediacy communication behaviors has a significant positive effect on success in reaching the funding goal (B = 0.74, p < .0001), confirming H1a for the first success measure.
m Deviation Value Added Intellectual Coefficient -4.6833 12.2735 4.721717 2.2166283 Human Capital Efficiency -4.5122 10.4548 2.773128 2.2086231 Structural Capital Efficiency .3732 3.3849 1.544084 .5622520 Capital Employed Efficiency -.9494 2.8887 .390602 .5289337 Return on Assets -.3261 .2813 .069187 .0705424 Table 2: Correlation analysis P-value Correlation coefficient Value Added Intellectual Coefficient (H1) 0.000 0.450 Human Capital Efficiency (H1a) 0.000 0.407 Structural Capital Efficiency (H1b) 0.078 -0.177 Capital Employed Efficiency (H1c) 0.007 0.270
Por essa razao, rejeita-se a hipotese H1a, o que permite afirmar que nem sempre se pode observar que empresas que tenham um maior grau de implementacao da manufatura enxuta apresentem tambem maiores margens de contribuicao.
Results indicate that there was no statistically significant difference between moral development as measured by the p score or the N2 score by gender (H1a, H1b), or work experience (H3a, H3b).
In addition, the H1a defect due to irradiation is observed in this group of samples.