H1AH1 (Histamine-1) Receptor Antagonist
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20 September 2003), the 'rocky red' eboulis secs (Stratum X1) from FAN and FAS is not the general marker bed he assumed it was: it follows the episode of intense tuna fishing in FAN and FAS, but precedes it in H1A and H1B.
The Upper Mesolithic was excavated in trenches, FAS, FAN, H, H1B, H1A and G1 (Figure 2).
The Final Mesolithic is present in situ in FAS and FAN (Stratum X1) but is suspected to be reworked in H1A and H1B, due to deep post-Neolithic excavations (Vitelli 1993: 33).
During visits to their respective homes, all four children were observed playing and digging in the soil in unvegetated areas, and at one point child H1A, who reportedly sucked his thumb, was observed to be eating soil.
In response to DOH sample results and counseling, the parents of H1A and H1B began cleaning the interior of the home with phosphate detergents and restricting the children's access to the yard.
The parents of H1A and H1B reported that this remedial work was completed in March 1992, at a cost of approximately $400.
OxA-21069 from stratum R (H1B 203) also agrees well with the associated backed-bladelet assemblage of Gravettoid affinities and with a previous radiocarbon date from sub-trench H1A 219 (I-6140), roughly equivalent to HIB 201 (Farrand 2000: 45).
Consistent with H1A we can conclude that strength of recommendation is significantly weaker in the PCA in an evaluative environment condition.
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