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H1N1Hemagglutinin Type 1 and Neuraminidase Type 1 (influenza strain; aka swine flu)
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According to the PIMS official Dr Waseem Khawaja, influenza H1N1 virus was confirmed in 17 patients during the last month out of which two patients died of the disease.
Citing Gwendolyn Pang, who heads the Asian regional office of the International Federation of Red Cross, VOA's Korean Service said 110,015 out of 179,259 North Korean people who contracted an influenza virus had tested positive for the H1N1 virus as of Jan.
One of the doctors treating the patients of H1N1 also fell victim to the disease and was identified as Dr Saddam.
The World Health Organization declared an H1N1 pandemic on June 11, 2009, after more than 70 countries reported 30,000 cases of H1N1 infection.
Pregnant women represent the active young population of the community and they were exposed to H1N1 during the pandemic period during their pre-pregnancy period.
For infectivity and virulence analyses, we used influenza A/Jiangsu/1/2011(H1N1) (JS/1/11 EA-H1N1) virus, which had been previously isolated from a child in China with fatal infection and was stored in the Chinese National Influenza Center, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing, China.
The number of beds designated for H1N1 hospitals has been increased substantially in these hospitals.
The Health Ministry is in constant contact with the company that manufactures the (H1N1) vaccine to fast-track the delivery of a shipment comprising 25,000 shots.
Surveillance data of the 2009 H1N1 epidemic in SA supplied by the SA National Institute of Communicable Diseases121 show that there were 12 636 laboratory-confirmed cases during the period May - December 2009, with the peak incidence in early August and a rapid decline towards the end of September 2009.
"The health ministry has this year registered five deaths from the H1N1 virus and 30 cases," a senior ministry official told a news conference.
With this, the H1N1 toll has touched 35 in Oman since its outbreak in 2009.
BEIRUT: The Health Ministry warned the public Friday about the dangers of the H1N1 virus, after a number of cases emerged of people suffering from what is commonly known as swine flu.