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H21Histidine at Position 21 (microbiology)
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Dan Sadler, NGNs H21 Programme Director and Head of Hydrogen Technologies says Funding for phase one is a great start and hopefully in the near future, we will secure the outstanding funding for phase two, to ensure there are no delays in the provision of holistic evidence which will allow the UK government to make credible large-scale decarbonisation policies for UK energy.
1761 Increase of temperature H2 Degraded lubrication oil H21 3048 0.
2 masculinos (G4) (G5) Mercker (G6) H16 H21 Tres Rios (G7) H17 H22 Mercker 86- Mexico (G8) H18 H23 Taiwan A-144 (G9) H19 H24 Roxo (G10) H20 H25 Tabela 2.
H21 CML-318 Recy W87[B810(66)S3/G24S2]-B-8-l-l-3-B * 4.
violaceum mutants H19, H20 and H21 expressed moreviolaceum than WT, and were considered hyper producers.
Fig 230 in TM 9-2320-280-24P: A different configuration is used for the front seals in legacy HMMWVs with UOCs HVY, H11, H13, H14, H15, H16, H17, HI8,H20, H21, H24, H25, H26, H27, H28 and MMM.
The results indicate that in the six studies comparing H Papers (H22, H33, H80, H21, H67, and H85) with the main corpus, H-II is ranked as the least unlike five times whereas M-III is thus ranked once (H80), as plotted in Figure 1.
H21 "(i) Although there was no indication that the military chain of command had sought to intervene in the investigation of the death of Applicant 5's son, the investigators had nevertheless lacked independence.
After everything was reassembled, realigned, and rewired, in November 2009 Bob resumed observations under a new MPC observatory code: H21.
Specimens were delivered to the Department of Clinical Laboratory Science Teaching Laboratory, processed for platelet poor plasma and tested by one individual within 4 hours of collection adhering to CLSI H21 A5 Collection, Transport, and Processing of Blood Specimens for Testing Plasma-Coagulation Assays and Molecular Hemostasis Assays; Approved Guideline, 2008.
Following the controversial withdrawal of Rigmarole from the County Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival in 2003, a change was made to the rules in Britain, and Struthers added: "In the event that the top weight for a class 1 or class 2 open handicap chase or hurdle is withdrawn, the stewards would hold an inquiry under instruction H21 and forward their comments to head office.
The helices are: H12 (Ser582-Val589), H13 (Ser596-Ser612), H14 (Ser617-Arg628), H15 (Asn633-Thr647), H16 (Phe655-Ala668), H17 (Trp674-Phe689), H18 (Leu693-Asn702), H19 (Ser713-lle723), H20 (Ala727-Cys735), H21 (Leu740-Lys747), H22 (Leu757-Tyr762), H23 (Leu766), H24 (Leu777-Asn782), H25 (Ala787-Ala798), H26 (Asp802-Leu806), H27 (Ser813-Met814), H28 (Lys818-Phe828), H29 (Leu832-Glu837) and H30 (Va1842-Va1867).