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H2BHome to Business
H2BHusband to Be
H2BHarder to Breathe (Maroon 5 song)
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elite media and specialized public (two-way) .82 .003 * H1: elite media (one-way) .79 .005 * H2a: blogosphere and elite media (two-way) .77 .003 * H2b: blogosphere and specialized public (two-way) .72 .002 * H1: blogosphere (one-way) .68 .004 * H1: interest group (one-way) .67 .002 * H1: specialized public (one-way) .43 .007 * H2c: blogosphere and interest group (two-way) .41 .008 * H2d: elite media and interest group (two-way) .16 .192 H2f: specialized public and interest group (two-way) .14 .112 Note: * indicates a significant value at p<.001 Table 3.
If the direct influence of Self-efficacy on Performance, H2b hypothesis, could not be evidenced in the tests conducted, it is important to highlight that the path SELF-EFFICACY a EFFORT a PERFORMANCE (with [beta] = 0.66 and [beta] = 0.799, respectively) demonstrate the importance of the Self-efficacy influence on the Effort, and from the later on Performance.
The target antigens are 5 major classes of histones (H1, H2A, H2B, H3, and H4), which organize and constrain the topology of DNA.
Put another way, H2b is supported in the local market- but not export-oriented subsidiary group.
La Tabla 1 tambien proporciona un apoyo inicial a las hipotesis H2a y H2b, ya que las correlaciones entre el PIBpc y las dimensiones culturales son negativas y significativas.
Mature spermde somatik hucrelerde bulunan histonlann yarunda testise ozgu histon H2B gibi testise ozgu histon varyantlari da bulunmaktadir.
Histone H2B variants have been also studied and identified in various monocots (Brandt et al., 1988, Joanin et al., 1992) and dicots (Waterborg et al., 1987).
The sperm of echinoderms, in contrast, contains both typical somatic histones and special sperm-specific histone variants of the H1 and H2B classes (von Holt et al., 1984; Poccia et al., 1987; Poccia and Green, 1992).