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H2G2The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (book by Douglas Adams)
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of trials Phase Stage Relation per block (1) Simultaneous (a) Train N1M1, N2M2, N3M3 33 trials presentation N1O1, N2O2, N3O3 33 trials Mixing of N-M and N-O trials 24 trials (b) Testing O1M1, O2M2, and O3M3 trials 24 trials (2) 0-s delay (a) Train E1D1, E2D2, E3D3 33 trials E1F1, E2F2, E3F3 33 trials Mixing of E-D and E-F 24 trials (b) Testing F1D1, F2D2, and F3D3 trials 24 trials (3) 2-s delay (a) Train H1G1, H2G2, H3G3 33 trials H1I1, H2I2, H3I3 33 trials Mixing of H-G and H-I 24 trials (b) Testing I1G1, I2G2, and I3G3 trials 24 trials (4) 4-s delay (a) Train B1A1, B2A2, B3A3 33 trials B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 33 trials Mixing of B-A and B-C 24 trials (b) Testing C1A1, C2A2, C3A3 trials 24 trials Note.
Adams also was an Internet pioneer, presenting a series on it on BBC Radio 4 and creating the h2g2 Web site, an innovative online encyclopedia.
According to BBC Online, the move to incorporate h2g2.com with the BBC was initiated by Adams.
The initial agreements are with companies including Activision, h2g2 (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), Oxford Softworks and Net Entertainment while more than 300 developers have apparently registered for the Nokia Mobile Entertainment Developers program.