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H2G2The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (book by Douglas Adams)
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The capacity to reinvent was one of Douglas' strengths,'' says long-time friend Robbie Stamp, who founded the encyclopedic Web site h2g2 with Adams in the mid-'90s (www.
In 1999, Adams, with others, launched h2g2 ( an online community, where visitors can enter information on any subject in what is an unconventional guide to ( you guessed it: life, the universe and everything.
In the past year, Nokia's entertainment offering has grown to include a large portfolio of games from top companies such as Rage, Eidos, Activision, iomo, Kuju Entertainment, Morpheme, h2g2, Net Entertainment, Oxford Softworks and Quiz Supplies.
The following appears on the BBC's H2G2 website (which is similar to Wikipedia):