H2RHistamine H2 Receptor
H2RHire to Retire
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Figure 1 illustrates the component and piping connections of the proposed VRF system with a hydraulic heat recovery (H2R) configuration, which is called the VRF-H2R system in this study.
In addition, activation of H1R is important for the generation of Th1 responses, whereas H2R regulates Th2 responses.
Histamine has been shown to regulate T cells by enhancing Th1-type responses through the H1R and downregulating both the Th1 and Th2 type responses through the H2R [15, 16].
For many, however, the "bike of the show" was undoubtedly Kawasaki's awesome H2R. Admirers reached maximum numbers at around 12.30 each day when the Kwaka boys fired up this 300hp, 1,000cc supercharged beast.
Estos autores exponen la manera en que nuevas categorias de visas han sido introducidas como resultado del cabildeo, como las visas H2R. En 2005, las cuotas para las visas H2B para trabajadores temporales no agricolas se llenaron sin que ninguna fuera para trabajadores de la industria de mariscos en Maryland.
Weaver, Director, Secret Identity Productions and H2R Productions, DVD.
In addition, in vitro experiments indicated that histamine promotes Th1 responses through H1R and downregulates both Th1 and Th2 responses through H2R [154].
Lake Oswego, OR, October 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- H2R, Inc.
2004 BMW presenta, en el salon del auto de Paris, el auto con el motor de hidrogeno mas rapido del mundo, llamado H2R, con una velocidad maxima de 300 kilometros por hora.
H1v and H2r from the inner H forme show explicit signs of authorial intervention, which I will discuss in some detail.