H2VHalo 2 for Windows Vista (gaming)
H2VHydrogen Vehicle
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Longview Advantage, a company which develops and markets asset tracking, fleet management and theft protection and recovery solutions, SkyWave Mobile Communications, a two-way satellite telematics products and services provider, and Kore Telematics, a service agreements and infrastructure support provider, are working together to support the H2V relay team as it cycles across Canada.
Money raised by the H2V team will be donated to Juvenile Diabetes research.
The H2V vehicle features SkyWave's SureLinx 8100 terminal, a dual-mode cellular/satellite GPS tracking device, which switches between networks as required, ensuring coverage of the cyclist's journey across Canada.
Toyota Housing Corporation, TMC's house construction and design subsidiary, will start sales of the tool, the H2V Manager, in January 2012.
PHV or EV users can connect (wired or wireless) to the H2V Manager from a home PC, television or smartphone to effortlessly set or adjust their PHV or EV charging start time, as well as check household electric power consumption.
Furthermore, when necessary, the H2V Manager automatically interrupts PHV or EV charging when household power demand spikes, and then resumes charging when there is spare power capacity.
The H2V Manager, compatible with all these chargers, has a suggested retail price of 52,290 yen (including tax, excluding installation).
4404 Keswick Road Baltimore MD 21210 301/243-2755 CEDROM Technologies 1290 Avenue Van Horne Unit 209 Outremont Quebec H2V 4S2
H2V for training - H1V - hC - B2V - B1V - bR - bC 7 4 days of sessions;
Training Recycling H2V - H1V - hC - B2V - B1V - bR - bC 10 sessions of two days.