H2RHistamine H2 Receptor
H2RHire to Retire
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H2R biped, will allow, to some extent, capturing human functional morphology and passive dynamics features.
For more information about H2R call 720-226-3229 today or email RickH@H2RAgency.
Here are the detailed records achieved by the BMW H2R, arranged according to distance, time and average speed:
Terry's expertise and insights, and her ability to get to the practical heart of any issue, make her an outstanding addition to our already formidable H2R team.
Kawasaki, a Japan-based motorcycle manufacturer, has announced the price of its Ninja H2R track-only motorcycle for the United Kingdom market.
The firm says the groundbreaking H2R demonstrates its commitment to "future fuels", which sounds great.
Led by Jerry Henry, a research industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience and a frequent guest speaker at regional and national travel industry conferences, H2R offers a full range of analytical services using customized methodologies including online surveys, telephone interviews, mail surveys, intercept/personal surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups.
In 2007, the latest installment was revealed with Olafur Eliasson's "Your Mobile Expectations: BMW H2R project.
Information: RESEAU Environment, 911, Jean Talon East, Suite 220, Montreal, Quebec H2R IV5, Canada, 514-270-7110, fax: 514-270-7154, e-mail: info@americana.
712 mph in the hydrogen 'Streamliner' at El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in the Mojave Desert, to beat the world record holder, the BMW H2R, which had attained 186 mph in Germany.
Jesse's time was documented by the Southern California Timing Association and beat the previous record holder, the BMW H2R, which previously held the land-speed record for an H2 car of 185mph in Germany.
LOUIS -- As part of a Human Resource process improvement initiative, Champion Laboratories has selected DataServ's Software as a Service (SaaS) H2R solution to automate their HR document management.