H3BO3Boric Acid
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At this quite low temperature, reaction does not occur between precursors but H3BO3 is converted to B2O3 with the evaporation of water.
ZnCl2 [36], H3BO3 [37]) under catalysis, has a better catalytic effect than alkali catalysis.
In another study [3] the optimization of production of H3BO3 from ulexite was investigated by using the 2n factorial design method.
Complete nutrient solution was supplied through drip irrigation system with emitters at 30 cm spacing and a flow capacity of 2 L min-1 per 30 m tube length, containing nutrient solution with the composition (in mg L-1): KNO3 (286), Ca(NO3)2*4H2O (354), MgSO4*7H2O (123), KH2PO4 (91), NH4NO3 (7), H3BO3 (3), MnSO4*4H2O (2), CuSO4*5H2O (0.