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HAAHome and Away (Australian TV show)
HAAHistiocytosis Association of America (Pitman, NJ)
HAAHouston Arts Alliance
HAAHarvard Alumni Association
HAAHome Acoustics Alliance (training)
HAAHigh Altitude Airship
HAAHIV/AIDS Administration (District of Columbia)
HAAHellenic American Academy (Lowell, MA)
HAAHaloacetic Acid
HAAHouston Apartment Association
HAAHospice Association of America (Washington, DC)
HAAHeavy Anti-Aircraft
HAAHeight Above Airport (aviation)
HAAHerpetological Association of Africa
HAAHeterocyclic Aromatic Amine
HAAHrvatska Akreditacijska Agencija (Slovenian: Croatian Accreditation Agency; Croatia)
HAAHome Automation Association
HAAHispanic Agenda for Action (HHS BHPR US government)
HAAHoly Angels Academy (Buffalo, NY)
HAAHawaii Aquaculture Association
HAAHinsdale Adventist Academy (Hinsdale, IL)
HAAHired Assassin Agency
HAAHellenic Army Aviation
HAAHeat Activated Adhesive
HAAHispanics Across America (New York, New York)
HAAHormonally Active Agent
HAAHeavy Anti-aircraft Artillery
HAAhemoglobin-associated acetaldehyde (laboratory test indicative of heavy alcohol use)
HAAHolstein Association of America
HAAHaris Al Afaq (Dubai, UAE)
HAAHoratio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans
HAAHeartland Alliance of America
HAAHigh Activity Aircraft (military flying exercises)
HAAHouse Amendments Analysis (Texas)
HAAHold At Airborne
HAAHumanitarian Assistance for Afghanistan
HAAHigh Acceleration Assist (Mode)
HAAHavyaka Association of Americas (New Jersey)
HAAHumans Against Acronyms
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HAA membership now comprises 868 owners, 2,810 communities, 581,937 units and 798 supplier companies, for a total of 1,666 member companies.
Time-weighted average TTHM and HAA concentrations (micrograms per liter) were multiplied by water consumption (liters/day) to calculate the exposure metrics of whole pregnancy and trimester-specific ingestion via water consumption (micrograms/day) of TTHM, DCAA, TCAA, BDCAA, HAA3 (sum of DCAA, TCAA, BDCAA), and DBP7, the latter being an individual-level metric of joint THM-HAA exposure.
Ohatu shi talele koukwamuhoko, outondwe nomatilifo haa ningilwa omashenge, osho yo omambadameko.
Evaluation of curative effects: The curative effects after two courses of treatments were compared between the two groups the AY-elemene + HAA group and the HAA group.
But the HAA, when it negotiated its contract with Barclays Bank as an affinity issuer, retained control over the portfolio so HEUCU was able to purchase the existing affinity card portfolio as part of the deal.
commitment by the Republic of Austria towards a nationalised HAA given
1) HAA are thus an important, if rare, diagnosis to consider in the patient presenting with right upper quadrant pain and haemodynamic instability.
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, a Canada-based hotel company, has announced a partnership of Fairmont Heritage Place Franz Klammer Lodge in Telluride, Colorado, US, with the Ah Haa School for the Arts.
In December 2009, BayernLB exited HAA Banking Group, which had to be nationalised by the Austrian government.
The product, furthermore, is HAA curable and designed for coating systems that can replace epoxy hybrid systems with an equal or better performing system.
As variaveis HAA e HAD fornecem ainda parametros sobre o tamanho das plantas, a quantidade de luz absorvida e o efeito das doencas sobre as folhagens das plantas (GODOY, 1995).