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HAACHeart of America Athletic Conference
HAACHolland Area Arts Council (Holland, MI)
HAACHockey Altercation Action Camp (San Diego Ice Arena developmental hockey class)
HAACHispanic Alliance of Atlantic County
HAACHispanic Access Advisory Council
HAACHalton Agricultural Advisory Committee
HAACHarbour Authority Advisory Council
HAACHRSA AIDS Advisory Committee
HAACHigh Authority for Audiovisual Communications
HAACHelicopter Air to Air Combat
HAACHigh Altitude Athletics Club
HAACHungarian American Athletic Club
HAACHamilton Applied Astrophysics Club
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The function was attended by office bearers and members of HAAC, researchers, teachers, students, prominent literary figures, radio and stage artists, Conservator Forest Hazara Division, Arshad Javed, head of the library, Dilshad Khattak and other government officials.
Haac and Viallaneix put their finger to the crux of this construction by emphasizing Michelet's humanistic Tautologism, stripped of all transcendence, in which the people communicates with itself as through an immanent medium.
Individuals who publicly express stereotypic beliefs often risk disapproval and sanctions from others (Adler, Starr, Chideya, Wright, Wingert, & Haac, 1990), although individuals do differ in the extent to which they agree that applying a stereotype to members of a target group is acceptable (Pressly & Devine, 1997).
Real estate attorneys and other professionals at the firm working on the deal included Christopher Delson, Gunilla Haac, Scott Kohanowski, Joshua Bloodworth, Alethea Jones, Jason Jones, Justine Martin, Angela Garcia and Jeanette Harris, all in the New York office.
Essays by Ceri Crossley, Oscar Haac, and Edward Kaplan respectively develop the animal as topic in Michelet's works and nineteenth-century vegetarianism, an historical and textual study of La Mer, and ecological religion as a unifying interest of Michelet's histories.
Activist Brian Klein of the Hepatitis C Action and Advocacy Coalition (HAAC), who is now taking a break from intensive activism, particularly recommends two Web sites for hepatitis C information: www.HCVadvocate.org, and www.HlVandHepatitis.com
(Paris, 1923); Oscar Haac, Jules Michelet (Boston, 1982); Eric Fauquet, Michelet ou la gloire du professeur d'histoire (Paris, 1990); Arthur Mitzman, Michelet, Historian (New Haven, 1990).
TUNIS (TAP) - The draft laws on a new Press Code and a High Authority of Audiovisual Communication (HAAC) were presented at a news conference held on Tuesday by the Independent National Authority for the Information and Communication Reform (INAICR).
Apparently in response to Radio Maria's repeated political commentary, the government-controlled media regulatory body, High Authority for Radio-Television and Communication, or HAAC (l'Haute Autorite de l'Audio-Visuel et de la Communication) issued a decree at the end of 2005 banning all political programs on community and religious radio and television stations.
Real estate attorneys working on the deal include partners Mark Edelstein and John McCarthy, senior counsel Gunilla Haac, as well as associates Christopher Delson, Christine Sommella, K.