HAACPHazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
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As mentioned previously, HAACP plans are likely to be more familiar to personnel in the dietary supplement industry, as many of them originated in the food industry or began their careers in the dietary supplement sector while it was regulated by DSHEA.
Topics include flow diagrams of the production process, identification of hazards and evaluation of risks, and several discussions of components of the HAACP concept.
In addition, the group is seeking improvements in HAACP management tools for processing facilities.
We have accelerated establishing HAACP (hazard analysis and critical control points) plans and having plants in condition to be approved by AIB (the American Institute of Baking).
Canadian imports, HAACP requirements by the large retailers, and the expansion of interregional shipping has also influenced the move toward quality production.
Prior to HACCP, the company was already ISO9001:2000, Kosher, and NOP/IFOAM Organic certified, so safety compliance had already been close to HAACP levels.
The content has also been expanded on HAACP applications and produce management.
Sells counseled, "Don't be afraid to inspect the refrigerated trucks your food arrives on, or call to see that your purveyor is HAACP certified.
Food Tracker profiling system featuring Insight Software analyzes and documents temperature data for HAACP compliance, including lethality calculations and Fo values.
The company has taken this "online filing cabinet" a step further by creating an "Information Center" where it posts company policies, administrative manuals, HAACP plans, and ticket schedules for the Orioles and Ravens.
However, even when HAACP principles are applied, or a supplier has embraced TQM principles and implemented procedures to complement them, things do go wrong.