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Helium is over eight thousand haads from Lothar, while Ptarth lies nine thousand five hundred haads north-east of Helium.
Tara of Helium knew that she must be far from the twin cities of her grandfather's empire, but had she guessed within even a thousand haads of the reality, she had been stunned by realization of the utter hopelessness of her state.
Using these reports, the HAAD is working to create an emirate-wide cancer registry that can enable focused research on cancer incidence and prevalence.
Speaking to Khaleej Times on Wednesday on the sidelines of the launch of the 'Cancer Wave Health Promotion Project', Dr Taher said the HAAD is currently working on a report, which will be presented to the government next year, about the cost of screening and treatment of cancer in the emirate.
In addition, it will also ensure that health care facilities meet all HAAD health and safety regulations," Al Za'abi said.
The patronage of Shaikha Fatima to public health promotion programs run by HAAD is a reflection of Her Highness's personal interest in the health of the society and the importance of health education in improving our society and improve the quality of life for all residents in the Emirate", he said.
While a number of hospitals are already stringent about regular checks for children in this age group, the introduction of the HAAD EoACAyStandard on Well Child Visits' is expected to standardise the monitoring of normal child growth.
The objective of this programme is to inform workers in the field of healthcare, specifically in the Premarital Screening Programme and Counselling For the Couple, about the latest updates in the programme and discuss the mechanism of the examination before marriage, including counselling and laboratory tests," said Dr Farida Al Hosani, manager of Communicable Diseases at the HAAD.
In previous years, the HAAD has coordinated with the other government entities to manage outbreaks that occurred.
According to the HAAD, there are still severe capacity shortfalls in rural areas, particularly the Desert Villages, Al Falah and Ghantoot districts in Abu Dhabi.
HAAD statistics from 2011 show that young Emirati males are most likely to die from injuries," he said.
Under the new e-system, it is mandatory for all healthcare facilities and physicians to report all sick leaves issued to the HAAD.