HAADHealth Authority Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
HAADHistory of Art, Architecture and Design (various universities)
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A haad, or Barsoomian mile, contains about 2,339 Earth feet.
"Helium is over eight thousand haads from Lothar, while Ptarth lies nine thousand five hundred haads north-east of Helium."[1]
Then might she hope with a real hope, for the fields would give her sustenance which she could gain by night, while by day she hid among the surrounding hills, and sometime, yes, sometime she knew, the searchers would come, for John Carter, Warlord of Barsoom, would never cease to search for his daughter until every square haad of the planet had been combed again and again.
Tara of Helium knew that she must be far from the twin cities of her grandfather's empire, but had she guessed within even a thousand haads of the reality, she had been stunned by realization of the utter hopelessness of her state.
The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi (HAAD), has received a circular from the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC), stating that some blood pressure monitors present in health facilities are not complying with the quality standards.
Once we publish the rankings, top quality hospitals will be incentivised by bigger patient volumes ..." - Dr Maha Barakat, Director-general at the Haad
Al Hajeri added that all UAE citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi can receive the necessary vaccinations free-of-charge at most of the HAAD health centres.
Through this agreement, HAAD and TCA Abu Dhabi aim to develop an integrated and comprehensive network of best-in-class service providers for international patients seeking specialised medical treatment and expertise in Abu Dhabi.
HAAD also said they are seeing many road fatalities involving young children and that figures showed traffic accidents were the main cause of serious injuries last year, at a rate of 69.7 per cent among people under the age of 19.
According to the information posted on the HAAD website on Thursday, there is another confirmed case of the virus, but the patient now is in a stable condition and under supervision, Sputnik reported.
This panel has representatives of HAAD, as well as healthcare providers and insurers.