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HAAGHumanitarian Affairs Advisory Group (Afghanistan)
HAAGHousing for the Aged Action Group (Australia)
HAAGHepatitis A Antigen (infectious disease)
HAAGHealthcare Advertising Agencies Group
HAAGHuman Alpha-1-Acid Glycoprotein (pharmacology)
HAAGHazardous Area Alarm Group
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Haag believes that companies like Winchester did not merely manufacture guns but manufactured the demand for them; if this created a crisis of conscience for Sarah, Haag feels, so should it now for the nation.
In an email, Josh Brown, another principal at Haag Brown, said proceeds from the sale would pay creditors and vendors.
In the the 1980s, Haag commissioned Lawrence Durrell to write an introduction to E M Forster's Alexandria: A History and a Guide, and at Lawrence Durrell's request, co-published The Durrell-Miller Letters.
The first major re-design of the tool came in 2009, when the Haag 4.
Haag has spent his entire career with Deutsche Bank Group.
Similar to Den Haag although in a completely different historical context of course, having Bonn as capital meant modesty, hard work and ultimately becoming Europe's integrative engine.
He said: "Last year before ADO Den Haag played AJAX, the Den Haag players wore Come On Ricky Spaans shirts.
Drake said offenders housed at the apartment- style Haag Home are closely supervised by staff members, and may not leave the premises without permission.
He said: "I still take preventative medication and accept that Doctor Haag may have to perform the same procedure again in the future should the pain return.
Not that Haag needed any extra motivation, but watching his friends seize their professional opportunities has made Haag even hungrier for his.
net - The HOMESTAR Group is a leading nationwide HAAG Certified, A+ Rated Better Business Bureau storm repair service company.
But the frustrating attacker was missed badly in Holland on a frustrating afternoon for the Magpies against Den Haag.