HAANPHighly Active Atrial Natriuretic Peptide
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6-9-yard school in the ranch, classes 0-6-kestil in elementary school, classes 1-9-pentti haanp in piippola; classes 1-6-pulkkila elementary school in pulkkila, classes 1-9-siikalatvan upper secondary school in piippola; havaintovlineet.
The Finnish circus group, Sirkus Sudenkuoppa, will demonstrate why the slogan of the European Capital of Culture, Turku 2011, is OTurku on Fire.O Three exhibitions will be put on display at the gallery in Vetrinjska mansion: the Finnish visual artist Markku Haanp will present his works, there will be an exhibition of comic drawings entitled Call it a Day by various artists from Estonia and Finland, and a jewelry exhibition showcasing Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian design.