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HABSMontréal Canadiens (NHL)
HABSLes Habitants (Montreal Canadians Hockey Club)
HABSHistoric American Building Survey
HABSHaberdashers' Aske's Boys' School (UK)
HABSHigh-Affinity Binding Site
HABSHigh Altitude Bombing System
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The moment Roxy's back was turned he would toddle to the presence of the tongs and say, "Like it!" and cock his eye to one side or see if Roxy was observed; then, "Awnt it!" and cock his eye again; then, "Hab it!" with another furtive glace; and finally, "Take it!"--and the prize was his.
These are all great examples of research that is untangling the causes of Pseudo-nitzschia HABs. But that's only half the battle: How can we improve our ability to predict blooms?
The company expects further delay in reverting to full operations as proliferation of Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) is continuing, which is likely to increase the financial impact of the outbreak.
Under Governor Cuomo's direction, DEC, in close cooperation with the State Health Department, oversees one of the most comprehensive HABs monitoring programs in the country.
HABs also include blooms of non-toxic species that have harmful effects on marine ecosystems.
The application of a One Health approach to HABs might result in the development of improved public health prevention and response efforts (6,7).
HAbs showed a decreased level in cancer and exhibited a distinct SNA lectin reactivity, avidity, and relation to survival of gastric cancer patients indicating that TF-specific HAbs represent a particular subset of anti-TF IgG Abs which deserves further study to specify their clinical importance.
After about a month of overfeeding, the algae turned into an HAB. Florida's warm, moist climate also allows the algae to flourish.
Keywords: HABs; Red Tides; HAB Controls; Desalination Plants; Beneficial Reuse
Where other studies have linked weather phenomena to HABs, this study goes a step further to look at how environmental drivers impact each other, and "ranks" them by their relative importance in promoting HABs, says Song Liang, associate professor of environmental and global health at the University of Florida.
HABs occur naturally, but in recent years nutrient-rich agricultural runoff, transport of HAB species via ship ballast water, coastal aquaculture farms (which both introduce nutrients and are in turn threatened by blooms), and climate change appear to have contributed to an expansion and intensification of HAB activity worldwide.
The HABs appear when colonies of algae-simple ocean plants grow out of control while producing toxic or harmful effects on people, fish, shellfish, marine mammals and birds.