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HACHearing Aid Compatible
HACHill-Start Assist Control (automobiles)
HACHousing Assistance Council
HACHome Access Center
HACAcetic Acid
HACHierarchical Agglomerative Clustering
HACHigh Availability Clustering
HACHierarchy and Content
HACHill Start Assist Control
HACHonourable Artillery Company
HACHeritage Advisory Council (various organizations)
HACHealth Action in Crises (UN World Health Organization)
HACHarbour Arts Centre (UK)
HACHome Affairs Committee (UK)
HACHouse Appropriations Committee
HACHavre Athletic Club (Le Havre, France)
HACHeritage Advisory Committee (various locations)
HACHuntington Arts Council (Huntington, NY)
HACHealth Administration Center (US VA)
HACHouston Area Council (American Business Women's Association; Texas)
HACHawkesbury Agricultural College (Australia)
HACHumanitarian Aid Commission
HACHaitian American Caucus
HACHospital Acquired Condition
HACHuman Artificial Chromosome
HACHearing Aid Council
HACHonors and Awards Committee (various organizations)
HACHigh Alumina Cement
HACHousing Advice Centre (various locations)
HACHouston Area Chapter (various organizations; Houston, TX)
HACHumanist Association of Canada
HACHeading Alignment Cone (US NASA)
HACHaiti Action Committee (Berkeley, CA)
HACHelicopter Aircraft Commander
HACHigh Availability Clustering (computing)
HACHealth Access Coalition
HACHonorary Advisory Committee (various organizations)
HACHydrogen-Assisted Cracking
HACHeading Alignment Cylinder (US NASA)
HACHeinous, Atrocious, and Cruel (crime categorization)
HACHot Action Cop (band)
HACHybrid Adaptive Caching
HACHazardous Area Classification
HACHigh Administrative Court (various locations)
HACHumanitarian Affairs Commission
HACHockessin Athletic Club (Hockessin, DE)
HACHeading Alignment Circle (NASA; space shuttle)
HACHomeless Action Center (legal services agency, Berkeley California)
HACHeavy Assault Cruiser (gaming, EVE Online)
HACHamilton Arts Collective (Baltimore, MD)
HACHydrogenated Amorphous Carbon
HACHawaii Advisory Committee (USCCR)
HACHigher Authority Communications
HACHigh Altitude Compensator
HACHuman Animal Contact
HACHigh Altitude Compensation
HACHave A Cow
HACHmong American Community
HACHughes Aircraft Corporation
HACHigh Aspect Contact
HACHigh Angle Conveyor
HACHot Asian Chick
HACHuman Assurance Committee (Medical College of Georgia)
HACHealth Assessment Questionnaire (used to assess quality of life)
HACHybrid Aircraft Corporation (Edgewood, NM)
HACHeparin Affinity Chromatography
HACHydroxyapatite Ceramics
HACHeteroscedasticity Autocorrelation-Consistent
HACHydroxyapatite Chromatography
HACHigh Acceleration Cockpit
HACHost America Corporation
HACHollywood Advisory Council
HACHarbor and Approach Chart
HACHelp the Afghan Children
HACHansard Association of Canada
HACHIDTA Assistance Center
HACHawaii Air Cargo (Honolulu, HI)
HACHigh Availability Component
HACHierarchical Aglomerative Clustering (datamining)
HACHumanitarian Area Coordinator
HACHomeland Acquisition Corporation (Oklahoma City, OK)
HACHigh Accumulator (USAF SACCS 465L EDTCC SPE)
HACHot Athletic Chick
HACHands across the Campus (American Jewish Committee)
HACHudson Associates Consulting, Inc (Virginia Beach, VA)
HACHead Ally Cockroft (Australian-based consulting firm)
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O presente estudo teve como objetivo analisar a evolucao do credenciamento de HAC desde a implantacao da Iniciativa no Brasil, de forma a subsidiar processos de planejamento, gestao e avaliacao de politicas de saude voltadas para a atencao materno-infantil no Pais.
According to HAC, the port also gives HAC's RSF-1 application providers, distributors, resellers and other partners and technical and marketing advantage, especially in areas where Apple technology is becoming more widely accepted.
The deal between HFI and HAC could cause problems for rival plans by GB Sports Car Company to revive the brand.
Indeed, HAC noted "with pleasure that the thirty-year publication mark is nearly within grasp (Kimball 1994a).
To simulate conditions near expanding and exploding stars, Witt's team formed HAC films at 300 kelvins in a vacuum, then exposed them to ultraviolet light and high-energy hydrogen atoms and measured the HAC's spectra.
English-language instructions with the HAC 3200 kit suffer from a weak translation, so I mixed the chemicals and processed the film very carefully.
USAF EW development fared as poorly in the HAC report.
I could see below that we were flying over land, and I recommended to the HAC that we turn around and head back over water.
In this paper, we address the HAC policy that limits consideration to complications that arise and are identified within a single hospital admission.
Teams: 1 Dark Peak Fell Runners 21pts, 2 Holmfirth HAC 25pts.
HAC has announced partnerships with IT infrastructure specialists Esteem Systems, international supplier of solutions for criminal justice organisations ABM, and applications vendor for the police market place Northgate Information Systems.
Their laboratory experiments show that HAC absorbs short-wavelength light and reradiates it at red and infrared wavelengths closely matching the spectra emitted by interstellar dust.