HACEMOSHispanic Association of Communications Employees of SBC (Southwestern Bell Coummunications)
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HACEMOS has a long history of mentoring its members.
HACEMOS established the Lunch Time Series to allow our members to develop by providing them with the opportunity to interact with AT&T leaders.
HACEMOS understands there are important national initiatives that affect the advancement of Hispanics.
While HACEMOS is a Latino organization, not all members are Hispanic.
From a growth perspective, HACEMOS has given him many opportunities for professional and personal development.
Within the ERG he is immediate past president of the Dallas chapter and has chaired such events as AT&T High Technology Day, National HACEMOS Day and the Scholarship Golf Tournament.
Like Mercado, Richard Macias believes the combination of professional and community development is what draws new members to HACEMOS.
According to Delia Hernandez, current National Executive Board president and an associate director for HR Technology at AT&T, "Members and those outside of the organization have been positively impacted by HACEMOS initiatives and activities.
Students will also participate in activities such as linking their school's Web site to the HACEMOS Web site.
In this era of technological empowerment, we are thrilled to extend awareness and share our enthusiasm for the developments in the high-tech arena with youth from a variety of different academic backgrounds and communities," said Jennifer Garcia, president of Pacific Bell HACEMOS Los Angeles chapter.
High Technology Day" marks the third HACEMOS simultaneous event hosted nationally thanks to interactive technology.
HACEMOS and Pacific Bell recognize the importance of educating the Hispanic youth of California and are committed to continue its work on community-focused education projects involving technology.