HACMPHigh Availability Clustered Multi Processing
HACMPHigh Availability Cluster Multi-Processing (IBM)
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IBM used RSCT and HACMP technology in the Nagano Olympics to help ensure uninterrupted connections to the IBM Web page which set a world record 646.
OddelenE[degrees] systemu IDP a systemu WALDO/ASTA2 spocE[degrees]vEi v rozdelenE[degrees] serverovE'ch procesu, vytvorenE[degrees] novE'ch serveru WALDO/ASTA2 (aplikacnE[degrees] a databEizovE' server) v re imu HACMP, migrace serverovE'ch struktur a databEize ORACLE pro WALDO/ASTA2, porE[degrees]zenE[degrees] HTML serveru a jeho struktury, konfigurace obsahu a slu eb serveru WALDO/ASTA2 a serverove cEisti WALDO/ASTA2 procesu (server/client).
2 HACMP cluster working with the Employer for the KSAT2000 and BAD;