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HACOHigh Altitude Cerebral Oedema (altitude-related altered consciousness)
HACOHealthy Active Central Oregon
HACOHuman Adaptation and Countermeasures Office (NASA)
HACOHuman Action Community Organization (Harvey, IL)
HACOHertfordshire Association of Cultural Officers (UK)
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Haco is a fully exporting company based for 14 years in Haouaria, Tunisia's Cap Bon.
The 2 invasive MSSA isolates that were untypable by PFGE were characterized by whole-genome sequencing as sequence type 398; 1 was from a HACO case and 1 was from a hospital onset case.
Table 2 shows that the parameters are used in HACO. The number of ants is 30; weight of pheromone is 2; weight of visibility is 1; evaporation rate of pheromone is 0.8; initial mutation rate is 0.8; number of iterations is 100.
Haco Dobson was the uncle of 89-year-old Joan Loftus, who was among the relatives who travelled to the ceremony, where they received the British flag from representatives of the Royal Navy.
Apart from AMS, pilgrims are warned about symptoms of highaltitude cerebral oedema (Haco), high- altitude pulmonary oedema (Hapo) and other high- altitude sicknesses, and are asked to report to doctors if they develop breathlessness.
[6] proposed a hybrid ant colony optimization (HACO) algorithm to overcome the disadvantage of current ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm which is more easily plunged into local optimal solution in solving MSS problem.
Another newsagent, David Crossan, 39, owner of Haco's in the town, has known Colin all his life.
The Forum included a number of thought-provoking sessions, but as Chris Kirubi, chairman of Kenya-based Haco Industries Limited, a speaker at a session on strengthening links between Dubai and Africa, urged the 1,300 or so delegates: "Let's make the 4th COMESA Regional Investment Authority (RIA) Forum more than a talking shop for ideas.
Second, DA had decided to enter the wholesale business by acquiring the wholesaling organization Tendo Haco in 1990.