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HACOHigh Altitude Cerebral Oedema (altitude-related altered consciousness)
HACOHealthy Active Central Oregon
HACOHuman Adaptation and Countermeasures Office (NASA)
HACOHuman Action Community Organization (Harvey, IL)
HACOHertfordshire Association of Cultural Officers (UK)
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beaucoup moins que] Haco, societe de droit tunisien et offshore, vient de cloturer son exercice 2016/2017 avec un chiffre d'affaires de 11 MDT qui devrait monter a 18 MDT a la fin du prochain exercice [beaucoup plus grand que], comme le dit le gerant francais Frederic Meunier a Africanmanager ; il estime que [beaucoup moins que] le volume d'affaire traite avec Catana, prenant de plus en plus de place, il devenait evident qu'il entre dans le capital et cela s'est formalise des le 1 er septembre 2017" .
The rededication ceremony of the grave of World War One sailor Able Seaman Haco Dobson
The process has also helped CMS strengthen their relationship with district and borough councils across the county and there is a desire to see the HACO partnership continue in the longer term.
Since then, Raila has asked his supporters to boycott products and services by companies including Safaricom, BIdco, Haco Industries and Brookside Dairies.
PRODUCTS BOYCOTTAt the same time, Nasa has extended its boycott of products to Haco Tiger Industries.
Haco Tiger Brands (ea) was in third position in depilatories in 2014 with its Bic brand securing a 7% value share.
Another Yazidi, Eido Haco, said he and his family arrived at the camp eight days ago after a journey of 10 days.
Patients with community-associated (CA) cases had none of the HO or HACO risk factors listed above.
Brand Names: Hacosoft, Hacofill, Hacoloft, Hacolux, Hacoflex, Hacotex, Haco
HACO is a subsidiary of the Hyundai Auto Group, one of Korea's largest conglomerate companies.