HACRHispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility
HACRHeating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
HACRHigh Accuracy Cryogenic Radiometer
HACRHonor All Cards Rule (credit cards)
HACRHome Affairs Committee Report (House of Commons; UK)
HACRHelicopter Active Control Rotor
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We are very proud of our 10th class of the HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers Program, HACR President & CEO Cid Wilson said.
Orta, president and CEO of HACR, chided big companies like American Express and Apple -- leaders in their respective industries -- for entirely excluding Hispanics from their boards.
The HACR study revealed that there are more of the largest companies in the nation (Fortune 1,000 companies) are recognizing the need for Hispanic inclusion (Cabral, 2001).
Coors was the first company in the nation to sign such an agreement with HACR in 1984.
Cigna, a global health service leader, has scored among the top companies measured in the 2015 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index (HACR CII).
According to Nelson, MFGmatch also includes custom manufacturers of HVAC&R, often referred as HACR equipment for companies sourcing refrigeration, heating, ventilation and cooling systems and units for temperature and humidity control in office buildings, manufacturing plants, casinos, labs, cleanrooms, department stores, malls, correctional institutions, universities and homes.
Diversity: Allstate improved during the 2016 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index report, reaching 75 points.
A HACR corporate partner, Wyndham Worldwide was recognized for its workforce and recruitment, community investment and supplier diversity.
The responsivity measurements from HACR are simply scaled to external quantum efficiency [n.
HACR is committed to helping those companies who are ready to pledge to diversity and Hispanic inclusion.
The HACR is an absolute detector that is the basis for the optical scales of detector spectral response, photometry, radiance, and irradiance.