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HADAHawaii Automobile Dealers Association (Honolulu, HI)
HADAHigh Availability Disk Array (computer storage)
HADAHouston Art Dealers Association
HADAHouston Area Dietetics Association
HADAHypercube Adaptive Diagnosis Algorithm
HADAHuman Anti-Drug Antibody (immunogenicity of biotech products)
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Yer brudder come in here an' raised hell an' deh ol' man hada put up fer it
Be on the lookout for these guys with their getchoos and oughtas and hadas.
To establish a peaceful Sri Lankan society with the support of rural community, the National programme Gama Hada Gamu rural programme implemented under the Mathin Nidahas Ratak has already started several actions including raids with the assistance of Civil Defence Committees to prevent drugs smuggling and distribution.
BEIRUT: Mona's right arm was still paralyzed and her speech impaired, but her 60-year-old sister Hada said things had improved for them since Mona suffered a stroke.
Hada previously served for more than 10 years as senior vice president/chief finance officer, finance and administration at LAPFCU.
The Vivienda Hotel Villas Al Hada, located on Prince Faisal bin Fahad Road over a 10,000 sq m area, was bought through its real estate investment trust (REIT) fund.
Lt Col Bin Hada said Sharjah Police officers are well trained to deal with emergency cases and follow up all complaints and reports.
Another standout, Hada Labo Tokyo antiaging skin care, is the only product in its category with Super Hyaluronic Acid, which effectively restores and strengthens skin's natural hydrating ability that is lost with age and sun exposure.
Antes del baile, el hada sopla el hollin de la nina -y con ello le otorga "vida", en lo que se reconocen resabios biblicos-, y esta revela su belleza y fragilidad: "Cenicienta va quedando/ desnuda como un jazmin" (15).
The Wednesday blast, which took place in the diplomatic district of Hada in the Yemeni capital, left three people dead and several others wounded.
Another two civilians were injured in the blast that occurred south of Jalalabad in the Farm Hada area in the afternoon, the governor's spokesman said.
The contemporary feel and look of the tiles and slates make them instantly stand out in decor and cater to the preferences of people of all ages,” said Kristi Hada, PetraSlate president.