HADCHousing Authority of Dekalb County (Decatur, GA)
HADCHaymarket Affair Digital Collection (Chicago Historical Society)
HADCHolloman Air Development Center
HADCHeart of America Dance Centre (Lees Summit, MO)
HADCHough Area Development Corporation (est. 1968; Cleveland, OH)
HADCHonorary Aide-de-Camp (French: Honorary Camp Assistant; Canada)
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Fie called the HADCS the "information highway of northern Ellesmere Island.
The HADCS is used in search and rescue missions by detecting and locating radio signals from distressed vessels and aircraft.
HADCS is comprised in part by six unmanned and remote operated line-of-sight microwave repeaters, linking the nearly 500-kilometre stretch between CFS Alert and the Eureka research station on Ellesmere Island.
The weight of liver, skin and intestine were greater for animals fed DC and HADC, probably due to the higher TDNI (g [day.
Ingredient Diet (%) HA HADC HAFC DC FC Tifton 85 hay 75.
The most serious consequence of this deterioration is HADC, which is found in approximately 15 percent of HIV-infected people, mostly in those patients whose immune systems have already been severely damaged by HIV (i.
5) This treatment regimen, which is called highly active anrirerroviral therapy (HAART) or potent antiretroviral therapy, can reduce the patient's risk of opportunistic infections commonly associated with HIV infection and HADC, as well as improve mental abilities and survival rates.
Consistent with these observed abnormalities, HADC patients in neuropsychological studies exhibit a constellation of deficits associated with dementia resulting from damage to brain regions other than the cortex (i.
The Mapping and Charting Team conducted surveys of CFS Alert, Fort Eureka, and the HADCS sites.