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HADDHomeowners Against Deficient Dwellings
HADDHyperactive Agency Detection Device (cognitive theory of mind)
HADDHydroxyapatite Deposition Disease
HADDHabitat Alteration, Disruption or Destruction
HADDHikers Against Doo-Doo (grass roots organization to eliminate human and domesticated animal feces on hiking trails)
HADDHighest Average Daily Dose
HADDHirst Arts Design Derby (contest)
HADDHippies Against Drunk Driving
HADDhyper attention deficit disorder
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Glokom hastalari, YBMD hastalari ve saglikli kontrol grubunun HADD ve HADA ortalama puanlari Olcekler Glokom (ort [+ or -] SD) HADD 10,67 [+ or -] 1,38 (8,0-13,0) HADA 12,05 [+ or -] 1,81 (8,0-15,0) Olcekler YBMD (ort [+ or -] SD) HADD 11,02 [+ or -] 1,67 (8,0-17,0) HADA 12,32 [+ or -] 2,08 (9,0-16,0) Olcekler Kontrol (ort [+ or -] SD) p HADD 3,50 [+ or -] 2,47 (1,0-9,0) 0,0001 HADA 5,15 [+ or -] 3,89 (0-14,0) 0,0001 HADD: Hastane anksiyete depresyon-alt depresyon olcegi HADA: Hastane anksiyete depresyon-alt anksiyete olcegi Tablo 3.
Police sources say there haDDs been a breakdown between the UK Border Agency and Prison Service.
Hadds was supposed to play this tour and I've come in and taken his spot from an unfortunate situation, personal reasons back home that Hadds has," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Wade, as saying.