HADIHuman Assistance Development International (Culver City, CA)
HADIHydraulically Amplified Diesel Injector
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Hadi has played foul; he has manipulated the war for personal gains by forging ties with suspicious allies who have extremist leanings.
When asked about the matter, Hadi simply replied that 'we are not involved', while party secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan simply added 'and we are not interested'.
Dr Hadi briefed the prime minister about the background and activities of the ECO and underscored its importance as a regional economic organization aimed at enhanced regional social contacts, trade liberalization and greater connectivity.
Almost predictably Hadi's identical twin Hammad Hadi had an almost identical record with 14 wins but he had to be happy with the third spot due to a lower spread.
The ESIP is an educational, cultural exchange and an internship programme organised by the International Business and Investment Services (IBIS), also founded by Hadi, in collaboration with a number of prominent partners in Egypt, the United States (US), and many other European countries.
On the other hand, Mir Hadi could go free because of Khoonbaha or blood money.
The British Middle East Eye website said that the UAE forced Hadi to agree to attack Hodeidah.
'They [BHU] staff members told us to turn parents away and ask them to refuse polio workers,' Hadi told The Express Tribune, adding, 'We were told that if refusal cases increase, they will recruit us again.'
Forces loyal to Hadi have largely been defeated in Aden by the STC and its forces known as the Security Belt, which was formed, financed and armed by the UAE.
Speaking to London-based Al Quds Al Arabi daily, Hadi noted that his government was in agreement with the Saudi-led coalition and the Americans that military pressure alone would bring the Iran-backed Al Houthi militia back to the table and would force them into disarming.
Also on November 17, the Saudi warplanes killed scores of militias loyal to Mansour Hadi.
Having succeeded Saleh (who ruled Yemen as a dictator from 1978) in February 2012, President Hadi by mid-2014 had confounded pessimistic forecasts about his ability to bring reforms to this impoverished country, as well as fight four different internal wars at the same time - the increasingly bloody rebellion of the Houthi Shi'ite thugs in the north-western province of Sa'da bordering Saudi Arabia, AQAP in the south-east, heavily armed and hostile tribes in the central interior, and the secessionists in the south.