HADLHacker Anti-Defamation League
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Hadl will continue to be based at WCVB; his successor as the station's director of engineering will be named at a later date.
Hadl jointly reports to Hearst TV President Jordan Wertlieb and corporate VP/Engineering Marty Faubell.
He then turned his attention to Hadl, adding, "Stefan has proven to be an outstanding leader at every assignment, leading some of our premier television stations first as a director of engineering, and most recently working closely with Marty setting the course for the technological future of Hearst Television.
Hadl joined Hearst Television in 1995 as a broadcast engineer at KCRA-3 in Sacramento and was promoted to engineering supervisor and assistant chief engineer.
It is acknowledged that grassroots groups are an integral player in the broader field of civil society media as defined by Hadl and Hintz (2009).
David Hadl cooks up enough Chili to feed his posse.
Ibn Hisham (who received Ibn Ishaq's sira via Ziyad al-Bakka'i) has this account about the survival of three men from the Qurayza--more precisely, they belonged to a tribal group called Hadl (see the Arabic text in appendix one, below):
He [the shaykh, turning to Asim] said, Do you know the reason for the conversion to Islam of Thalaba ibn Sa'ya, [his brother] Asid ibn Saya, and Asad ibn Ubayd--[a gloss] a group from the Banu Hadl, the brothers of the Qurayza who had been their clients in the jahiliyya [i.e., the three men had been the clients of the Qurayza] and then became their masters under Islam (kanu maahum ft jahiliyyatihim thumma kanu sadatahum fi l-islam, end of gloss]?