HADMHigh Availability Device Management
HADMHealth Administration
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[sup][6],[7],[8] These biologic meshes include: HADM, acellular porcine small intestinal submucosa, cross-linked acellular porcine dermis, etc., In this study, we used either the HADM or acellular porcine small intestinal submucosa to reconstruct the pelvic floor [Figure 3].
In further detail, complication risk for HADM (Epiflex) was 7% (1/15 patients), for PADM (Strattice) 14% (3/21 patients), and for BADM (Tutomesh) 31% (5/16 patients).
There are various products available on the market: Epiflex is a cell-free dermis allograft, which is up to now the only licensed medicinal HADM product in German-speaking countries; Strattice is a sterile, acellular reconstructive tissue matrix, which is derived from porcine dermis; Tutomesh (BADM) is an avital, acellular, and xenogeneic membrane made from bovine pericardium.
In detail, BADM (Tutomesh) had the highest complication probability with 31%, followed by PADM (Strattice)with 14%, and HADM (Epiflex) with 7%.
demonstrated a higher complication rate following HADM implementation with tissue expanders or permanent implants (12%) after therapeutic or prophylactic mastectomy and breast reconstruction [4].
In a recent publication by Mendenhall et al., outcomes from time of tissue expander and HADM placement (Alloderm and DermaMatrix) to definitive reconstruction after simple and total skin and nipple-areola complex-sparing mastectomy were assessed [5].
In this study, Epiflex (HADM) had the lowest complication rate, which may be due to allogenicity; nevertheless our detected total complication rate is greater than rates published within the available literature.
Caption: FIGURE 4: Case II: skin sparing mastectomy and breast augmentation performed in 54-year-old female patient with a history of breast carcinoma, complicated by shell rupture of the left-sided implant and subsequent breast-expander implantation; (a) frontal view; (b) lateral view; three-month postoperative results after HADM usage (Epiflex/DIZG) with frontal (c) and lateral view (d).
ADM Product Number of ADM Number of treated implants used patients HADM Epiflex/DIZG 15 12 PADM Strattice/LifeCell 21 16 BADM Tutomesh/RTI 16 13 Surgical Total All ADMs 52 41 ADM Avg.