HADSHospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
HADSHydrometeorological Automated Data System
HADSHelicopter Air Data System
HADSHellenic American Dental Society, Inc.
HADSHumans Against Dragon Stereotypes
HADSHamilton Anxiety and Depression Scale (behavioral science)
HADSHawaiian Air Defense System
HADSHigh Altitude Defense System
HADSHost ATM Data Distribution System (FAA)
HADSHarrIsburg Area Dental Society
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Changes in the scores obtained for anxiety and depression symptoms after one month and at three months on the HADS questionnaire, which consists of 14 items divided into two subscales (anxiety and depression).
As expected, HADS anxiety and depression scores were found to be correlated with the neuropsychiatric subscale.
The HADS consists of 14 items on a four-point response scale ranging from 0 to 3.
The correlation between HADS score and serum cortisol levels was found significant for both groups at a p=<0.
Instead of looking at depression, anxiety, and PTSD separately, authors combined the HADS and Revised Impact of Events Scale scores into a single assessment and measured its effect on productive employment--a self-reported measure of engagement in work, childcare, or education.
Duration after the start of ART was significantly correlated to HADS Depression and CMI scores.
Moderate positive correlations were observed between the HADS anxiety subscale and both the AMAS-E total and AMAS-E worry/oversensitivity subscales (.
The patient's primary caregivers were asked to fill the questionnaire of HADS after obtaining their informed consent.
On this basis, our study sought to use the HADS to screen patients admitted to a surgical ward of a tertiary care center to determine the prevalence and risk factors for developing depression and anxiety symptoms in such a setting.
He had a history of severe depression, but his HADS scores were normal when last assessed, his psoriasis was well controlled, and his death was considered unrelated to treatment.