HADSHospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
HADSHydrometeorological Automated Data System
HADSHelicopter Air Data System
HADSHellenic American Dental Society, Inc.
HADSHumans Against Dragon Stereotypes
HADSHamilton Anxiety and Depression Scale (behavioral science)
HADSHawaiian Air Defense System
HADSHigh Altitude Defense System
HADSHost ATM Data Distribution System (FAA)
HADSHarrIsburg Area Dental Society
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The acquisition of HADS will enhance the existing South Texas distribution network, which includes legacy locations in San Antonio, Austin and Laredo, Texas.
Majority of the patients presented with symptom duration of 2 years or less (42.5%), followed by symptom duration of less than a year (25%), while those with abnormal HADS (11-21) tend to present to GI OPDs late probably because they were being investigated and treated in other OPDs for their symptoms.
Given that the TRV chair offers strict objective control (accurate 3D rotational planes and videonystagmography, VNG), the objective of the study was to evaluate subjective complaints (VAS, DHI, and HADS) during treatment with reposition maneuvers in the TRV chair for this problematic group of patients.
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS): HADS is a self-assessment scale used to determine a patient's risk of anxiety and depression, and to measure the level and change in the intensity of anxiety and depression [14].
Analysis by disease severity found that 32% of those with moderate AD and almost 56% with severe AD had clinical anxiety (HADS-A score of 1121), while somewhat lower prevalences were seen for clinical depression (HADS-D score of 11-21): 19.5% for those with moderate AD and 19.7% for patients with severe AD, Dr.
Tenian ansiedad clinica segun el punto de corte de la escala HADS (> 8) 90 de las pacientes (84,1%; intervalo de confianza del 95% [IC95%], 75,8%-90,5%) y 27 (25,2%; IC95%, 17,3%-34,6%), depresion clinica segun el punto de corte de la misma escala (> 9).
However, HADS has also been found to perform well in assessing the severity in already diagnosed people with depression or anxiety.
The level of anxiety/depression was measured using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS).[10] The HADS is a reliable and valid tool widely used in patients admitted in the hospital.[4],[5],[10] The HADS measures anxiety (HADS-A) and depression (HADS-D) based on separate scores ranging from 0 to 21, interpreted as the following subscales: normal (score 0-7), borderline abnormal (score 8-10), and abnormal (score 11-21) anxiety and/or depression.
Methods: Hirsutism was assessed quantitatively by Ferriman-Gallwey score (F-G score) and qualitatively by self-administered questionnaires of Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS).