HAECHirschsprung-Associated Enterocolitis (Hirschsprung's disease complication)
HAECHuman Artificial Episomal Chromosome
HAECHungarian Atomic Energy Commission (Hungary)
HAECHockerill Anglo European College (Hertfordshire, UK)
HAECHeure Avancée d'Europe Centrale (French: Central European Summer Time)
HAECHuman Arterial Endothelial Cell
HAECHuman Alveolar Epithelial Cell
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Due to the different diagnostic criteria, the morbidity of HAEC is from 17% to 50%, with an average of 25%.
Some differences were found among HAEC children, HSCR children without HAEC and normal controls, which may interpret the development of HAEC.
sup][18] collected stool samples from HSCR patients and found that MUC-2 was obviously lower in HSCR group, and interestingly, the expression of MUC-2 in HAEC group could not be detected.
Another distinctive feature of our case is that HAEC arose in a low risk patient with HD considering that main risk factors include family history, Trisomy-21, long-segment disease [5].
Regarding the early appearance of preoperative HAEC, we should stress that it represents an important factor in relation to the functional outcome after surgery for HD, that is why thorough and long term monitoring of the patient regarding bowel function and soiling is essential [13].
Significant differences were noted for lactate dehydrogenase activity among male HAEC groups treated with LDL and antioxidants, alone or in combination.
Normalized lactate dehydrogenase results for HAEC female treated with antioxidants also resulted in significant differences.
In the nanoparticle experiments, confluent HAEC monolayers in standard 6-well plates were incubated for 1-8 hr at 37[degrees]C with [Fe.
To determine the impact of nanoparticles on HAEC viability, cells that were incubated with the nanoparticles for 4 hr were washed twice with complete phosphate-buffered saline (PBS; Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA) and then subjected to the trypan blue exclusion assay.
of PCR products of expected size BSM HL-60 K-562 NB-4 SD-1 HAECs HUVECs No.
A very small proportion of hAECs expressed CD34, CD38, CD44, CD133 and HLA-DR.
Conclusion: Here we provided evidence that hAECs are immunogenic cells with high level of HLA-I expression.