HAERHistoric American Engineering Record
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The archival grayscale HABS/ HAER images approach 20 Mb.
HABS and HAER are ongoing programs of the National Park Service, which keeps detailed information on the materials from each architectural site in a relational database.
Since HABS and HAER are ongoing programs generating new surveys, new copies of the database are retrieved regularly from the National Park Service, transformed, and re-indexed.
Experience with the large FSA-OWI and HABS/ HAER collections suggests directions that online browsing, treatment of pictures in groups, and free text retrieval can reduce the need for full cataloging of individual items.
We're creating a collection of documentation that tells a story about the built environment in America," said Tom Behrens, an architect with HAER.
Fortunately, HAER has embraced technology to help its employees document sites more effectively.
Using AutoCAD, HAER creates 2D technical drawings from these 3D models.
Individuals, engineering groups, historians and subject-matter specialists donate formal documentation to HAER that meets or exceeds our standards set forth in Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Architectural and Engineering Documentation.