HAESLHong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited
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GROUNDBREAKING A jet engine at Rolls Royce joint venture HAESL, which is using software by Alnwick's Metrology Software Products to improve how accurately it refurbishes parts such as engine turbine blades SPOT ON Above, Peter Hammond and inset left, Alnwick's Metrology Software Products which has developed software to improve the accuracy of complex machine tooling, which can include the refurbishment of aeroplane turbine blades, work on artificial hips or Formula One cars
HAESL is a joint venture involving Rolls-Royce, the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company and the SIA Engineering Company.
HAESL and SAESL are in the business of maintenance, repair and overhaul ( MRO ) of Rolls- Royce civil large aero engines and components, operating out of Hong Kong and Singapore respectively.
Currently, SAESL is owned 50% by SIAEC, 30% by RRS and 20% by HAESL, and HAESL is owned 45% by HAECO, 45% by RROH and 10% by SIAEC.
HAESL says it is equipped to handle all versions of Rolls-Royce RB211 and Trent engines, plus the international Aero Engines V2500, and will take up to 300 engines a year.
HAESL is currently a joint venture with Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited and SIA Engineering Company Limited; SAESL is currently a joint venture with SIA Engineering Company Limited and Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited; and N3 a joint venture with Lufthansa Technik AG.
These new agreements will also simplify the shareholding structure and management of HAESL and SAESL with each becoming 50/50 joint ventures with two shareholders (from three today).
Its minimum three-year deal with East Kilbride-based Gael will see Gael Enlighten deployed across three HAECO companies - HAECO, HAESL and TAECO, by April 2015.