HAEXAngioneurotic Edema, Hereditary, with Normal C1-Inhibitor Concentration and Function
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Pointing to the significance of Kizad as a one-stop-shop for investors, Haex said: "Kizad is combining world-class infrastructure, multimodal connectivity, including its proximity to one of the most advanced ports."
Other resource-reducing thermoforming tools were discussed by Martijn Haex of Bosch Sprang Thermoformtools (Sprang-Capelle, The Netherlands).
Present at the signing were ADPC officials Alexander Haex, deputy director; Jamal Al Ramahi, finance director; Ashraf Al Khaznadar, capital projects director, and Antoine Tayyar, communications director, along with Harry Bucht, vice president, Borealis, and Dr Mohammad Azizur Rahman, direct investments, ADIC.
The major foreign investor in this market is the Norwegian Hydro Aluminum Extrusion (HAEX) group.