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HAFHellenic Air Force (Greece)
HAFHorizontal Air Flow (greenhouse circulation)
HAFHousing Assistance Fund (various locations)
HAFHorde Application Framework
HAFHigh Availability Framework
HAFHumboldt Area Foundation (Bayside, CA)
HAFHindu American Foundation (Kensington, MD)
HAFHistoric Albany Foundation (Albany, NY)
HAFHeadquarters Air Force
HAFHitachi Accelerated Flash (flash storage)
HAFHigh Abrasion Furnace (type of carbon black)
HAFHigh Atlas Foundation (New York, NY)
HAFHuachangfeng Equipment, Inc. (China)
HAFHeartland Arts Fund (now Arts Midwest's Performing Arts Fund; various locations)
HAFHokkaido Arts Foundation (Hokkaido, Japan)
HAFHusligt Arbejder Forbund (Danish trade union)
HAFHigh-Order Ambiguity Function
HAFHalogen Acid Furnace
HAFHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin Associated Factor
HAFHologram Auto Focus
HAFHelicopter Assault Force
HAFHospice Angel Flight
HAFHigh Altitude Fluorescence
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"But I knew dot I had made Bimi a life's enemy, pecause his fingers haf talk murder through the back of my neck.
"So Bertran he was married, and he forgot clean about Bimi dot was skippin' alone on the beach mit der haf of a human soul in his belly.
Shoot him when he comes to der house, for he haf der light in his eyes dot means killing-und killing.' Bimi come to der house, but dere was no light in his eyes.
"You had ought to haf had a doctor, und not vaited so long--it vas too late already ven I come." Once more there was deathlike stillness.
"You haf not got something to drink, hey?" she queried.
gud a plase to day, I shud not haf beleeved it; for to be sur I
I beg ure Onur not to menshion ani thing of what I haf
We haf indeed peen eager to acquire it fery eager; and it was only ze fear that you might be, on patriotic groundts, acting in collusion with your Pritish War Office zat has made us discreet in offering for your marvellous invention through intermediaries.
Also I am instructed to say that as for that noble, unrightly accused laty you haf championed so brafely against Pritish hypocrisy and coldness, all ze chivalry of Chermany is on her site."
Both seemed to try his patience sorely, for more than once I heard him say emphatically, "No, no, it is not so, you haf not attend to what I say," and once there was a loud rap, as if he struck the table with his book, followed by the despairing exclamation, "Prut!
"So!" he said, as I stopped and stared like a goose, "you peep at me, I peep at you, and this is not bad, but see, I am not pleasanting when I say, haf you a wish for German?"
"His Highness haf not--" the music-master began, but was sharply stopped by the Vice-warden.