HAFBHill Air Force Base (Utah)
HAFBHolloman Air Force Base (New Mexico)
HAFBHickam Air Force Base (Hawaii)
HAFBHanscom Air Force Base (Massachusetts)
HAFBHomestead Air Force Base (Florida)
HAFBHoward Air Force Base (USAF; turned over to Panamanian control 1999)
HAFBHancock Air Force Base (Syracuse, New York; now closed)
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Overall, the reduction of aerospace and defense work at HAFB "is causing a panic and a general feeling of despair.
As president of Industrial Associates, an organization with ties to the Air Force Association that fosters relationships between HAFB and local industry, Slatter says the tone she is hearing locally is one of "doom and gloom.
Besides HAFB, the list of the state's aerospace partners is long and distinguished.
But the industry really began with the birth of HAFB, as an air depot in the 1930s.
As a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, he has garnered enough support to save HAFB through three rounds of base closures.