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HAFEZHostile Aircraft Free Engagement Zone
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Hafez asserted that Egypt will keep its support to The International Alliance's Communication Strategy Working Group to combat terrorism through the experiences it gained in its war against extremism and terrorism, beside the high rank of its religious institutions such as Al-Azhar .
Mohd Hafez said that enforcement institutions such as the police, judicial department and court must not be swayed by the concerned parties.
* Artist Osama Esid, from Damascus, has been exhibiting his works at Hafez Gallery for the past four years.
Hafez said that he had been working as a Quran teacher in a Madrassa in Hyderabad when he met an agent who offered him a job in a mosque in Al Bahah city in Saudi Arabia.
Translation: "Protests in Daraa calling to overthrow Bashar Assad and denounce reinstating the new Hafez Assad statue."
Hafez Qazma, Mahfouz Jazaeri and Amjad Obaid are among the Karate Federation's distinguished international referees .
Hafez, an actor, singer and producer, died in 1977 at the age of 47, and left behind him a large legacy.
Hafez perfected a verse form called the "ghazal," which consists of rhyming couplets in a series of six to 15 pairs that hold together through subject matter, mostly pertaining to the beauty and pain of love.
Ambassador of Iran Mehdi-e-Honar Doost said that personalities like Hafez Shirazi and Allama Iqbal are liked in both brotherly countries Pakistan and Iran.
Hafez Shirazi, the shining star of the rich Persian literature, was born in Shiraz, Iran in around 720/1320.
Amman, April 20 (Petra)--The new board of directors of Royal Jordanian Airlines elected Suleiman Hafez as its chairman during the first meeting it held, on Wednesday at the RJ head office.